Essential Developer Strengths

May 19, 2018


I read a blog post the other day detailing the “Top Strengths Every Developer Needs.” It pointed out a few key traits the author believed a person should have in order to be a great developer. While the post made some good points, my own observations have led me to a decidedly different conclusion about the strengths needed to be a successful dev.

I know a number of people with very unique personalities and skill sets - all of whom I would consider to be “good developers”. Some are strong problem solvers. Others have an incredible attention to detail. Some work in brief strokes of brilliance and others at a predictable pace. There are many people who are very different and who all do well in this field. So what makes a good software developer? I would argue only one thing: it takes someone who enjoys it.

You really need to love this stuff if you’re going to put in the mental and emotional energy it takes to succeed as a developer. So don’t feel bad if it seems like you lack certain personality strengths that other successful developers have. Simply do what you love, walk in your strengths, and grow every day.

John D Potts

John D Potts

Web developer and speaker in Charlotte, NC.